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The Lucksmiths

Over the course of 15 years and almost as many albums and international tours, Australian popstars The Lucksmiths penned some of the most adored songs this side of the pop underground.

Formed in high school in Melbourne in 1995, drawn together by a mutual love of literate British pop, they quickly established themselves as one of the leading lights in the international indiepop scene. Constant touring of the USA, Europe and Japan built a small but enthusiastic worldwide fanbase and led to them sharing the stage with the likes of Jonathan Richman, Belle & Sebastian and The Go-Betweens. Originally a three piece comprising Tali White (vocals, drums, piano), Marty Donald (guitar) and Mark Monnone (bass), The Lucksmiths were latterly joined by a fourth member, the multi-talented Louis Richter (guitar, organ, banjo).


First Tape (1993)
The Green Bicycle Case (1995)
What Bird Is That? (1996)
A Good Kind of Nervous (1997)
Happy Secret (1999)
Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (2001)
Where Were We? (2002)
Naturaliste (2003)
Warmer Corners (2005)
Spring A Leak (2007)
First Frost (2008)

Boondoggle (1994)
Staring at the Sky (1999)
A Little Distraction (2003)
The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco (2005)
A Hiccup in Your Happiness (2006)


"First Frost"



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