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The Loves

The Loves started in 2000 & since then have had over 30 members come & go through their ranks. Their first release was the 2001 Boobytrap Singles Club double A side “Little Girl Blues” & “She’ll Break Your Heart”. It was highly praised & reached the Indie Top 20. Number 13 with a bullet.

Their next few releases (2 singles, an EP & their 1st album “Love” put out between September 2001 & April 2004) were on the highly acclaimed London indie label, Track & Field. It was during this time that the group became friendly with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This friendship meant that in 2002 the group went & performed at the CMJ Music festival in New York. Since 2003 however, Karen O hasn’t been returning their calls.

Also around this era, The Loves recorded 4 sessions for John Peel including one live from Peel Acres on Valentine’s Day 2002 at which the band were fed heart shaped pizzas. Since 2004 however, John Peel hasn’t been returning their calls.

2004 saw the release of “Love” The Loves’ first LP & also the break-up of the first totally solid line-up. After starting to record the second LP “Technicolour” in 2004 alone, Simon Love finally saw it finished in 2006 & great praise was heaped upon it when it came out in 2007 on the Fortuna POP! label. It was preceeded by the single "Xs & Os" that Mark Radcliffe called "Perfect pop music" on his Radio 2 show. Marc Riley agreed with him & got them in to do a session for his 6 Music show. The Sunday Times’ made "Technicolour" it's LP of the Week in February 2007…yeah, look impressed.

Since then The Loves have been cementing their reputation as an amazing live band with a tendency towards mental illness & self destruction & have played many shows all over the country including the Tate Liverpool for their 20th birthday celebrations & numerous support dates for acts such as Darren Hayman, Los Campesinos!, Pop Levi, Friends Of The Bride, Piney Gir & The Hot Puppies.

"People Who Know love The Loves because they have a pick ‘n’ mix feel for all that is good on the great sweetie stall of popular song, slyly cramming handfuls of the tastiest treats into the secret pockets of their vintage overcoats" (Kittenpainting)

"Few bands have done the indiepop thing so well and so literally in recent years, with such knowing humour and melodic mischief, and The Loves are seemingly getting better and better at it" (Miswig)

"Seven years and (at last estimate) 25 members after Simon Love founded the band, he and the current line up have crafted a collection of pop gems" (Rockfeedback)

"The Loves are a musical trebuchet and with this album they’ve armed themselves with hooks so potent they could slay the Magic Numbers and the View within a day and lay siege to the top 10 this time next week" (Pennyblack)

"One has to wonder why the likes of The Loves are not huge popstars when the music industry falls over themselves to give us the download today gone tomorrow pop stars fresh from the conveyor belt world of reality tv. Capitalism eh?" (Indie MP3)

"Little Girl Blues/She'll Break Your Heart" (Boobytrap)
"Boom-a-Bang-Bang-Bang" (Track and Field)
"Just Like Bobby D" (Track and Field)
"Shake Your Bones" (Track and Field)
"Xs and Os" (Fortuna POP!, 2006)
"One-Two-Three" (Fortuna POP!, 2007)
"December Boy" (Fortuna POP!, 2010)

Love (Track and Field, 2004)
Technicolour (Fortuna POP!, 2007)
Three (Fortuna POP!, 2009)
...Love You (Fortuna POP!, 2011)

Que Viva le Pop (Fortuna Pop!, 2006, contains unreleased version of track "Honey" from Technicolour)
"This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 22 Of Us" (Twisted By Design, 2006)
"Kats Karavan- The History Of The John Peel Show" (Universal, 2009)


"...Love You" "December Boy / Bubblegum"

7" Single



SATURDAY 25th MARCH: Tufnell Park Dome, 2 Dartmouth Park Hill NW5 1HL



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