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Herman Dune

A Decade Ago, songwriter and vocalist David-Ivar Herman Dune and drummer Cosmic Neman let go of their secular life and created the band Herman Dune.

Out of Paris, all across Europe and all the way to New York City, they gained a formidable Cult Status with the help of UK DJ John Peel. John Peel picked them as one of his favorite spins and invited them to many of his glorious Peel Sessions (more than 10) that really radiated and allowed Herman Dune to perform all over the world. They meet crowds of dedicated fans without stepping out of the DIY network, with Tape and 7” releases and a whole lot of self-released discography or through devoted bedroom labels, like Shrimper (US) or Track & Field (UK). It’s hard to gather, but it’s safe to say 12 albums were released through all kinds of obscure networks.

In 2006, Herman Dune change their line-up after the departure of David’s brother Stanley and record songs in a professional studio for the first time. The ensuing record propels them to a wider recognition, with “I Wish That I Could See You Soon” ranking in Rolling Stone US’s choice of “Best Songs In 2007” and an acclaimed Sesame-Street-Style video for the song by director Toben Seymour. Herman Dune start headlining bigger venues in Europe and end up selling out The Olympia in Paris (2500 seats), amongst others.

They then start touring intensively in Europe and the USA, by themselves or with friends Kimya Dawson Jeffrey Lewis or Julie Doiron. They also are chosen by the artists themselves to open tours for Jolie Holland, Arcade Fire or The Kooks. They still find time to record and release Next Year In Zion, second proper studio album with emblematic Tune “My Home Is Nowhere Without You”.

After Touring like maniacs on the run for something like two years, they finally take a break. In 2010, Cosmic Neman records and tours with his duo Zombie Zombie, while David-Ivar takes some time off performing to breathe, to draw (with art shows of his drawings in New York, Paris or Milano) and to write.

Now, with a wealth of new material they have returned with Strange Moosic. With a focus this time on melody and simple production, this is their most accessible record to date. Twelve timeless songs that work beautifully as a whole to create an effortlessly classic album.


"Strange Moosic"