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Tullycraft, formed in Seattle, Washington in 1995, releasing in the same year their signature hit, “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About", which managed to encapsulate an entire scene in just one song. Their full-length debut Old Traditions, New Standards was released in 1996 and their incessant US touring paid dividends with a devoted following and fanzines and new bands springing up in their wake.

Having changed line-up several times over the years, the band released five albums before embarking on a brief hiatus in 2009. In 2012 all five current members of Tullycraft (Sean Tollefson, Jeff Fell, Chris Munford, Jenny Mears and Cori Hale) reunited to record a new album "Lost In Light Rotation".

Revelling in a DIY punk aesthetic and a clever brand of self-referential indiepop, Tullycraft pioneered the Twee scene in America and do not shy away from the term. Their delightfully upbeat, smart, indiepop anthems sparkle with brainy fairy dust and glitter with proper pop hooks, with Sean Tollefson’s nasal vocal delivery counterbalanced by the sweetness of Jenny Mears’ responses. If you need a template for what the best indiepop sounds like, look no further.


"Lost In Light Rotation" "Lost In Light Rotation"

7" Single