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Thereís something great about a three-piece Ė think The Cocteau Twins, The Clean, Galaxie 500 Ė and the way that irreducible nucleus takes its strength from its limitations, making a virtue of its purity. And so it is with London trio Flowers, singer Rachel Kenedy's ethereal vocals and Sam Ayres textured guitar backed by the powerful, metronomic beat of drummer Jordan Hockley. Together they create a wall of sound larger than the sum of their parts, catchy pop songs hidden in noise, inspired by shoegaze, C86 and New Zealandís Flying Nun label. And Rachel possesses one of those beautiful pop voices to die for, with echoes of Elizabeth Fraser and Hope Sandoval.

Flowers began with Samís year-long search for a singer, and when he posted one last fateful advert, stating he wanted to make pop songs like "early Madonna through a broken tape machine", this led him to Rachel. Right away the two fell into a deeply creative and romantic partnership. Currently sharing a flat in East London with their adorable dog Batman, they restore vintage musical equipment and feverishly record demos.

The first batch, polished up by none other than Bernard Butler, turned into debut Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do released in 2013, while for their second album Everybodyís Dying to Meet You the band retreated to Bark Studios in Walthamstow to work with producer Brian O'Shaughnessey (The Clientele, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine).

Effortlessly blending pop songs with noise while leaving space for more stripped back elements, Flowers strike a perfect balance between the sweetness of Rachelís voice and Samís abrasive guitar stylings, harnessing their singular magic in their exuberant and electrifying recordings.


"Everybodyís Dying To Meet You" "Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do"


"Until You're Dead EP"
7" Single

7" Single


FRIDAY 24th MARCH: Islington Assembly Hall, Upper Street N1 2UD



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