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Let's Wrestle

Named by Lawrence (Felt, Denim) after a book by David Shrigley, Let's Wrestle were formed by Wesley Patrick Gonzalez on guitar and vocals with Darkus Bishop on drums and Mike Lightning on bass, recording their first two albums - In the Court of the Wrestling Lets (2009) and Nursing Home (produced by Steve Albini in 2011) - with that line-up before Mike left and was replaced by Sam Pillay (who left after the recording of the self-titled third album to focus on his band Virginia Wing). The
third album also saw the addition of Max Claps of The Proper Ornaments on guitar. Renowned for their ramshackle DIY snotty, scuzzed up punk, the third album saw the band enter a new phase of maturity and sophistication giving frontman Wesley Patrick Gonzalez a forum to showcase his songwriting talents and love of classic pop, bringing in strings and horns for a bigger, fuller sound, and drawing on inspiration from the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Judee Sill, Harry Nilsson, Fairport Convention and The Kinks.


"Let's Wrestle"