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Cocoanut Groove

Having taken their name from a Lovin' Spoonful/Roger Nichols song, Cocoanut Groove formed in 2007 when frontman Olov Antonsson wrote and recorded the song "The End Of The Summer On Bookbinder Road", which became their debut single. Hailing from the North of Sweden, Antonsson wears his 1960s baroque pop influences such as The Zombie and the The Left Banke on his sleeve, along with traces of latter day guitar pop like The Smiths and The Clientele, and folk acts like Vashti Bunyan and Nick Drake.

On their debut album Madeleine Street (2008) Olov wrote all the songs and played guitar, as well as bass, piano but over the years and on second album "How To Build A Maze" (2014) he has been joined by Calle Thoor, Anton Runesson and William Andersson (drums), Josef Ringqvist (bass), Mattias Malm (guitar, keys, vocals, arrangements, percussion and whatnot), Ivar and Gunnar Lantz (strings) and Frida Danielsson (trumpet).

Cocoanut Groove follow in a grand tradition of Swedish indiepop, with a focus on melody and beauty, tinged with melancholy. From the long, dark winters to the respite of the dreamy summers, the songs talk of escaping the city and pining for the countryside, about unemployment and having nothing to do but drink coffee and watch the birds fly.


"How To Build A Maze"



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