How to contact Fortuna POP!
Postal Address Fortuna POP!
The Presidential Palace
21B West Avenue Road
E17 9SE
Email elpresidente at fortunapop dot com
Demos We love to receive demos by post. If you have any music available on the web that you'd like us to hear, by all means let us know by email, but please don't send them to our email address because it pisses us off big time. Thanks.
Artwork Almost all of of the Fortuna Pop! artwork is made my Steve Sleeve, and he's looking for work. If you're a band wanting artwork for your next record, or anyone else needing the talents of a graphic designer, he's available for hire at very reasonable rates. Click here to contact Steve.
Website Our website was created by Darren SPC. If you find anything wrong with the site or want your own website designed, click here to contact Darren.