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The Spook School - I'll Be Honest / Will You Always Be My Friend?
7" Single
Ltd Ed on Black Grape coloured vinyl with jukebox hole

1. I'll Be Honest
2. Will You Always Be My Friend?

A brilliant one-two combo double A-side of “I’ll Be Honest” and “Will You Always Be My Friend”.

“I’ll Be Honest” is written by Nye and is about spending time with a group of about ten or so friends and realising that some of them knew a lot more about her than others. Of course, the ones she felt she knew best were the ones that she tended to go out and get drunk with. There’s something nice about late-night/early morning confessions that might not even be remembered in the morning. The line “I’m making excuses for myself again, to make things easier for you” - holding things back because you don’t want to cause hurt or even inconvenience to other people, creating excuses ‘for their own good’ that really don’t help anyone.

“Will You Always Be My Friend?” is not on the album and was written by Adam a few years before and turned out a lot better than they expected it to once they recorded it. It’s about not really knowing how romantic relationships work or even if you’d actually want to take part in one in the first place or if you did then not knowing who with. Seeing other people who seem to be able to do all that kind of stuff so easily and not really knowing how they do it.