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Joanna Gruesome - Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy Astonishing Adventures! Split EP
7" EP with comic book (PRE-ORDER FOR 1 DEC)

1. A1. Psykick Espionage - Joanna Gruesome
2. A2. ...And Keep Reaching for Those Stars (I Hate Myself cover) - Joanna Gruesome
3. B1. Adult World (The Secret) - Perfect Pussy
4. B2. Leash Called Love (Sugarcubes cover) - Perfect Pussy

The Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy mutual admiration society had an emergency meeting and this split single was the result. Each band does one original song and one cover, and the single comes with a super cool 24-page comic by renowned artist Phil McAndrew.

For the covers, each band has dug deep and skirted the obvious. Joanna Gruesome turn in a driving, pummeling version of I Hate Myself's '...And Keep Reaching For The Stars' while Perfect Pussy tackle The Sugarcubes 'A Leash Called Love.' And of course the originals are 100% up to both group's usual high standards.

It's a fantastic package, the bands' styles complementing each other perfectly. A brilliant racket, and a fun read.